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Expect your chauffeur to attend to your needs. Just ask him or her to stop for you, explain any limousine options, and suggest popular destinations. Always wait for the driver to open your door. Remember the driver is there to serve you. If you spill something, let the driver know immediately so that the proper cleaning steps may be taken. Our chauffeurs work for gratuity only. Please tip accordingly.

More is better in the case of directions. Give the driver as many details as possible about your destinations so that they may plan a route. Remember that limousines may not travel on every road or into every parking area. Be patient with your driver and work with him or her to plan alternate routes where necessary.

Try not to quickly "flood" the driver with several street names at once. The possibility of remembering the 5th or 6th street name and the direction of the turn is possible, but the probability of error is still there. If you have an extended list of pickups, the driver would happily accept a written itinerary. This will help avoid time costly driving errors (it takes time to turn a limousine around and back track) and also allows you to spend time with your guests instead of navigating.

You are renting a limousine. You did not buy it. Treat it as you would someone's home. Conduct, (of you and your guests) during the contract with Safari is expected to be that of an adult manner. Please have fun and enjoy yourself , but refrain from activities that may hurt others or damage the limousine such as:

  • Smoking or lighting anything with an open flame inside the limousine.
  • Fist fights inside, on or against the limousine.
  • Food fights or shaking/spraying champagne and popping corks at each other.
  • Tossing things out of the window. (including bottles, cans, hand gestures and profanity)
  • Absolutely no illegal drugs or firearms are allowed inside the limousine.
  • Spitting tobacco on the floor or in our glassware.
  • Urinating in or on the limousine.
  • Placing your feet anywhere but the floor.
  • Playing the stereo at a level as to destroy the speakers.
  • Jumping out of the limousine before it stops.
  • Jumping on or clinging to the limousine as it leaves to park.
  • Climbing out of the side window and onto the roof of the limousine while traveling.
  • Expelling stomach contents.
  • Tampering with roof panels/glass.

Please read, fill out, and sign all applicable parts of this contract and return it as soon as possible

If your limousine is equipped with a glass ceiling panel, it is considered an emergency exit and may be opened only in case of an emergency. Tampering with the ceiling emergency exit will result in immediate termination of the contract without refund. Physical damages to the limousine and its contents (inc. stereo, speakers, TV, remote controls, VCR, DVD, Game station, mirrored ceiling, fiber optic seat piping and glassware) or chauffeur(s), through negligence and/or abuse by the passengers shall be the sole responsibility of the client and client agrees to being charged for said damage immediately at the time said damage occurs. Client(s) agree to indemnify and hold driver and Safari Limousines Inc. harmless for any losses, costs, or damages incurred by client(s) as a result of poor client directions, client directing the limousine into an area that would cause it to become stuck or disabled (needing a tow truck), equipment malfunction, ACTS OF GOD, inclement weather, mistake, impossibility, lateness, traffic delays, detours, parking attendants, client misrepresentation, driver hygiene and/or market conditions. Client agrees that Safari Limousines Inc shall not be liable for and will not pay for additional incurred event costs. If a limousine is unavailable for any reasons mentioned herein, the amount refunded to client, if any, is limited to the collected amount less the amount of services rendered by the company. In the event Safari Limousines Inc. Has to contract out for/by you to another limousine company ("sub") Safari Limousines Inc. will not be responsible for sub's vehicle condition or driver performance. Any traffic or parking citation/ fees issued as a result of the client(s) and/or guests will be the responsibility of the client. No alcoholic beverages will be serviced to or consumed by minors while in the vehicle. Client agrees to pay a $300 clean-up fee for any personal accident within or on the vehicle before service will continue or contract will be terminated. No smoking, drugs or firearms will be allowed, as use/possession of these items inside the limousine will terminate contract immediately. Client(s) are advised to remove all personal property from the limousine before exiting (Safari Limousines Inc. will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items). Client shall avoid breakage and client shall secure all items left in limo. Client agrees that Safari Limousines Inc shall not be responsible for any of client's property brought into the limo under any circumstance. Chauffeurs shall have the right to end service if any of the policies of Safari Limousines Inc. are not complied with. Recovery of clients' sustained damages, whether consequential, inconsequential, or punitive in nature, shall be limited to the amounts paid by clients under this agreement. A service charge of 1.5 % per month, 18% APR will be added to overdue accounts. Client is also liable for legal and collection fees.

$200.00 fine for smoking in our limousines $300.00 fine for VOMIT in or on the limo.
$10.00 Flute/Rock-$30.00 Decanter missing or broken. You may have this glassware removed.
$20.00 fine for liquid/solid spillage or glitter/confetti/gum/chew tobacco clean up fee.
$300.00 fine for cleanup of client who urinates in or on limousine & contract termination.

**Client must remove all items brought into the limousine upon close of contract to avoid $20.00 fee** *** Client agrees to be bound by the acts of his/her passengers as stated on the reverse side hereof. ***

Child safety seats must be furnished and properly secured by the customer.

Post contract refunds will not be issued if service is rendered to and accepted by the customer. If you are not 100% satisfied with the limo, driver & the price, DO NOT GET INTO THE LIMOUSINE.

By signing below, I (we) acknowledge that I (we) have read and understand the terms herein and I (we) agree to be jointly and severally bound by them, and agree that the above stated credit card (page 1) to being charged according to the terms stated herein.

All customers will be asked for a signed credit card imprint as a security deposit prior to departure. Minors must sign page 3 (adult consent form) of contract if an adult passenger is not supervising. Chauffeurs work for gratuity only. Please tip accordingly. Customer pays for all parking / entrance fees

Basic clean up of Limousine at close of contract is the customer's responsibility. Please remove of all items brought into the limousine (by them or any member of their group). This includes, Cans, Bottles, Balloons, Flower arrangements, Party favors, Streamers, Silly String, Food, Food Containers, Condiments, Refreshments, etc. Customer may ask the driver to clean the Limousine for them at a charge of $20.00. The Limousine should be left in a reasonable condition void of large liquid and solid (confetti, glitter, chips,) spills to avoid the $20.00 charge. At the close of the contract, a thorough inspection of the limousine will be made (witnessed by customer). The driver will count all glassware and removable items and the associated damage charges will be assessed and paid by the customer as agreed in the signed sales contract.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, personal and business checks, money orders and cashier's check. All checks MUST be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the reservation date.

To secure a reservation in one of our limousines a $100 deposit is required. You may pay over the phone with a credit or debit or stop by our offices to pay with cash or check. If you would like to pay cash for the entire reservation, a credit card must be put on file. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.